At New Era School,students enjoy life,become cheerful,optimistic,find purpose in life.However the qualifying academic credentials must be achieved e.g. everyone must clear the regular S.S.C and the other exams,but while doing so,some special subject/special area of interest to the students must be developed fully.This becomes the foundation for excellence in life!

Process of discovering talent of the student is very systematic.The student goes through aptitude testing, evaluation of interests by teachers over the years.

New Era School has established the ideal infrastructure to develop and nurture students to the peak of their capabilities.The co-operation,understanding and confidence from parents is essential to develop New Era School as the ideal platform for launching a successful career.

The world is changing at a very fast pace.Supersonic airplanes, fax machines, cellular phones, internet, e-mails, Facebook and Twitter have made the world smaller.Global opportunities are looking for well-trained and skilled individuals irrespective of their nationalities.

A cultured and polished diamond is valuable and superior because it has the right environment and opportunities to be developed to its full potential.That's exactly what we offer at New Era.

We strive to provide an up-to-date and technologically relevant curriculum, which allows our students to fulfill their individual potential.Our curriculum enables our students to pursue further education in colleges and universities.

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